CHIBO Basic Style

We have devoted ourselves to okonomiyaki for over 30 years.
Since our founding, we have been uncompromising in the crafting of
our shops and the taste we have built up through years of trust and reliability.
After opening our doors in 1973, all of our shops have developed their own distinct character,
and with original menus at each location,
you can enjoy a unique atmosphere wherever you visit.

President CHIBO

A complete change from the common,everyday image of okonomiyaki,
this shop offers a sophisticated interior for your comfortable relaxation.
A refined okonomiyaki and teppanyaki steakhouse rivaling, if not surpassing,
other high-class restaurants, this is President CHIBO.

CHIBO Elegance

Keeping with the concept of letting you enjoy our time-honored okonomiyaki and authentic teppan creative cuisine,
we offer genuine Osaka okonomiyaki cooked in an outstanding style that can only be found at CHIBO.
Enveloped in a timeless, first-rate atmosphere interwoven
with natural materials forming abstract shapes and light,
we promise to deliver an exceptional experience together with our time-honored okonomiyaki, teppanyaki, and sake.